Father’s Day: 6 Apps Every World-Class Dad Needs!

Jonathan Kahn | June 16, 2016

As a father, your family counts on you. You need to work hard and provide for your family. You need to teach the kids about life and educate them about right and wrong. You need to listen to your wife as she talks about her day and nags about the kids, about her diet, about her girlfriends, about your mother. You need to change light bulbs and fix anything broken. You’re the king of the castle. You’re the man. Unfortunately, you need to do most of these things on your own. However, for many other useful qualities as a world-class dad you’d be surprised to discover that, hey, there’s an app for that! (and if you read to the end of this blog, you’ll find the best app of them all!)

1. Get Organized

How many times did your wife scold you for forgetting to buy milk? As fathers we can't seriously compete with mothers on organization and multitasking skills. But we too can be somewhat organized... For example, with Any.do you'll stay organized with shared checklists and reminders. Hopefully, your kids would stop calling you “forgetful dad” behind your back.



2. Be Calm

Fathers need to deal with constant stress - work, more work, leaving work late, traffic, getting home late, missing out on the kids, getting frowns, missing out on… Anyway... You end up wondering whether it's all worth it. And did you know that stress kills?! This is probably why our wives outlive us. It’s time for some Serenity, an app to help reduce your stress levels with awesome meditation tricks and breathing techniques.




3. Capture The Moment

It's always our job to take pictures and videos and to document every moment in our child’s life. Luckily, we don't need to carry a heavy camcorder wherever we go nowadays. Still, with everyone a photographer, it’s not easy to stand out and take a really awesome shot of your kid doing something. There’s no better app than VSCO to make sure your pictures get you the praise and appreciation you deserve.




4. Pump It Up

#Dadbod is unacceptable! Just because we are dads doesn't mean we have to justify the reputation we get on physical appearance. Finding time to exercise in a father's hectic schedule can be a mission:impossible. The pros at Nike figured it out. The Nike+ Training Club app lets you choose from over 100 workouts and motivates you by letting you know in advance the time commitment for each workout so you can actually accomplish something.

Nike+ Training Club



5. Get Them Drooling

Dark forces in society want you to believe that women are the only ones capable of cooking something decent. Beautiful forces in your household might have marked the kitchen as theirs and let you enter just to take out the garbage. Don’t be a noodle. There are way more male chefs than female chefs, how about that? The only reason you're not cooking is because you haven’t tried it yet. Following instructions and mixing up stuff is what we do around the house anyway, and it’s also all you need to start cooking. Try the Tastemade app - it’s the fastest and easiest way to cook with easy tutorials and amazing recipes. Your family will enjoy a wide range of delicious meals and your wife might appreciate you more. Maybe.



6. Raise Your Head, Be A Dad

Becoming a parent is not too complicated for most people, but being a great dad takes an effort. If you do it right, it gives you joy and meaning. It’s a well-known secret that even mommies wish they were daddies. To be a great dad, you need to make the time to really be with your kids. Not just in the same room. Not while watching TV. Really there - present, attentive and ready to enjoy some quality time together. Quality time is when you come home, hopefully way before your kids go to sleep, put your smartphone aside, focus on your kids, listen to them, talk with them, and do something fun together. It’s when you take them out to jump and run, or to enjoy an adventure or a good meal. It’s when you put your kid to sleep and she says “daddy, that was such an awesome day!”

After a million years of fatherhood, just as overwork and mobile addiction close in on our private lives and threaten to transform our families to apathetic dysfunctional groups, comes the app that can save us all! Meet O’Daddy. O’Daddy helps you be the super dad you can be. It reminds you to go home on time and offers a wide range of quality time activities and events to enjoy with your kids. The app is so smart that it gives you well-selected fresh activities everyday, tailored to your kids’ age, location and preferences as it learns them over time. If there’s one app that you really want to download from this list, this is it. (You got us, we made it!)

O'Daddy - Your Kids Come First!

O'Daddy for iPhone      O'Daddy for Android

That’s it - our short list of apps that would take your fatherhood to the next level.

Is there an app we missed? An app that made you the O’Daddy in your hood? Help a brother out and share it in the comments! (and don’t post something stupid, our kids are reading! You taught them how.)